QLDP: QUAKE LIVE Demo Player 1.3


Firefox extensions that adds a comfortable demo menu to the QL home page. New features include demo sorting, search and playlists.


* Revamped functionality, should now always auto-detect your demo folder (unless you have it in some directory that you shouldn't have)
* New GUI! The new GUI is integrated into the very website in a more fashionable way, making it less obtrusive and way more user friendly. You now find it in the yellow menu in your top right corner of the website, named "Demo Player"
* Limited support for old-style formatting of demos, it'll identify Duels but any other mode is impossible (will show up as 'Unknown') - The date, map and player(s) should work though!
* Playlist - You can now queue up all your favorite demos, set them in any order you like and press the launch button, QLDP will generate a CFG for you (and launch it of course)
* A live search filter - You can now filter your demos with a free search textfield, it'll filter all or a specified column
* Sorting - You can now sort your demos by type, (first) player, map and date respectively!
* With the new backend, abnormaly large demo archives can be handled with ease, it's been tested with archives of over 3300 demos and works wonderful!
* Experimental Prism support (not tested)

Tips and tricks

* Jump to Page - You can enter any page number in the small input box in the table footer and jump directly to that page
* It executes your demo.cfg by default (overridable), it also adds com_cameramode 1
* In-game, you can switch demos by typing 'vstr next-demo' or 'vstr prev-demo' - bind these for comfortable playback!
* You can access your old playlist files in your home/baseq3/qldp-playlists/ directory
* You can change your path to the demo folder manually in Preferences for the extension (under 'Tools' -> 'Addons')

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OS:Windows, Mac

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